The World's Most Powerful
Big Data Insurance Cloud 

If you plan to launch an online insurance product or to boost your existing online insurance sales, Facio's ready-to-use insurance products will deliver what you need, using Big Data and AI technologies.

Predictive Analytics

We believe that insurance is a problem rooted in data, not risk. 
We have developed an elegant, composable data model that enables you to predict what coverages your customers will buy and what will be the right premium for it, so you can deliver personalized policies and buying experiences to every one of your customers. 

Sales Driven

Join the world’s most innovative insurance carriers who deliver the insurance of the future by running their sales operations on Facio.

Convert more quotes to policies using AI for quick and simple onboarding. Support offline sales and bouncing leads with built-in marketing automation. Leave no sale behind.  Measure & analyze your incoming quotes to optimize your sales funnel performance.

Quick Win

Facio builds the most powerful Big Data insurance platform. Whether you’re offering home insurance, life insurance or health insurance, Facio’s meticulously designed platform helps you increase sales by quickly deploying the best possible products, sales channels, and experiences for your customers.

Because we eliminate data complexity and extraneous details, you can get up and running with Facio in just a couple of hours.

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As your customers move across various channels, they leave behind data. Every policy they have purchased, every item viewed in your platforms, every visit to your website, every contact made with your representatives — all of it generates valuable customer data that is used to generate a customer profile. Facio’s Big Data model autonomously analyzes data to offer your customers a personal coverage plan that they most interested in, when they most likely to make a purchase, with a personal premium and discounts they will most likely agree to pay for.

Facio personalization model makes it possible to deliver the right offer at the right premium to your customers no matter who they are, and no matter how many you have. Every interaction of your customers and sales team generates more data that is used for optimization.

Sales Support

Give your agents and sales force an easy-to-use, unified view of every customer interaction across your sales channels, along with powerful marketing automation tools. Track customers’ interactions, purchase and service history, in one place for a complete view of their activity.


Optimize your team performance with a smart operation dashboard to support sales conversion. Empower your onboarding experience with remarketing to provide a unified overall customer journey to increase sales and customer experience.

Big Data Actuary

Control your loss ratio and reduce errors by optimizing risk management using Facio Actuary Equaliser. Take advantage of direct access to meaningful data in real-time, and let Facio machine learning equalizer to optimize your portfolio autonomously.


You can also set up custom rules and calculations paired with machine learning to dynamically compare your traditional calculation procedure to the innovative ones you create with Facio.

See how Facio can help you

win praises for insurance innovation 

Build digital products using Facio’s platform in weeks from design to going live, win quick time to market, validate your product and sales with rapid improvement iterations to increase sales conversions.


Create new sales channels to your agents and customers with seamless experiences across any platform and every touchpoint including the web, mobile, email, social media, commerce and more.


Harness all of your data from any source with Facio Data Galaxy, based on purchase history, attributes, browsing behaviors, and more, to support commercial excellency.


Deploy Facio App on Azure, Google or AWS in minutes and get ready.



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