BIGDATA Insurance Core

BIGDATA Insurance Core

Make insurance great again



Deliver personalized buying experiences to every one of your agents and customers by using Predictive Analytics & Dynamic Pricing to offer a tailored coverage with a personal premium to the right customer at the right time.  Put your customers at the center of everything.

Sales Driven

Convert more quotes to policies using AI for a quick and simple online onboarding. Support offline sales and bouncing leads with built-in marketing automation. Leave no sale behind.  Every quote matters. Measure and analyze your performance to optimize your sales funnel.


Drive operational excellence from leads to cash by delivering insurance autonomously, without human interference. Supercharge your underwriting and actuary core with autonomous capabilities to increase profitability.

BIGDATA Transformation - Zero Risk

Pay only for successful sales

Deploy on any cloud in minutes

Create new smart insurance products in hours

Industry Standard Cyber Security and GDPR Compliance

Integrate with your old legacy until you feel safe to let it go


Explore the future on the BIGDATA Insurance Core

Smart Policy Sales & Administration Platform

Predictive Analytics

BIGDATA Actuary Rating Engine

Dynamic Pricing

Autonomous Underwriting

Autonomous Claims



Founded in 2018

10 team members

Self Funded

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